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Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 16:17

Emial is here i dont check it much

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 15:31

Let me Guess, you want me Dead, Its one of my best qualities ­­­ lol Do you get it?? lmao the fukin joke book of the dead xD you get it??? rotflmaocopter

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 15:22

HASTE THE DAY (attack of the Wolf King DELUXE) Marilyn Manson, Garbage, Nirvana and Foo fighters, Filter, 10 years, TRAPT (lol) ADEMA, Suicidal Tendencies , Backside ­ and Many more i cannot think of atm

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 12:15

Bands that Saved the MothaFukin UNIVERSE ­

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 12:14

Bullet for my Valentine, Straight line Stitch, Woe is Me, Fit for a king, Rise against, Ra, Agalloch, Soundgarden, Suicide Silence, Puscifer , Tool and a perfect circle, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Type O Negative, Stick to your Guns, Your Demise, Sevendust, Disturbed, Memphis May Fire, Exodus, Staind, Ozzy, Hendrix and Journey, Rush, Black Sabbath of course and Niel Young, Pantera, Megadeath, Deftones, Devil Wears prada, All that remains, ADEPT, Chevelle, Bush, The offspring, Death Angel, Amity affliction, Crossfade, Breaking Benjiman, Strife, Texas in July, Volumes, Legend, the Acacia strain, Middle class Rut, ILL NINO Dry Kill Logic, Devil Driver, We came as Romans, Nine inch nails, Janus, Blink 182, 10 years, SOIL and DethKlok,PapaRoach<3

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 11:38

Damnit i forgot Architects xD ­

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 11:36

MUaH!! ­

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 11:35

Periphery and Intervals ­

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 11:24

oh yea Miss May I, Lamb of God, Parkway Drive Love you guys

Jay EL (justin)

27.07.2015 11:19

Fuck there was something i meant to do, Lets See i wanna Thank Darkest Hour for self titled album and Toxic Holocaust, Killswitch engage August burns Red, Bring me the horizon, Linkin Park theres More i love you guys thank you! ­ ­

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