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24.04.2015 19:25

Bien, je sais parler le francais. Je comprends parfaitement. Bonne chance.

he who whould learn

23.04.2015 18:17

ok i understand better thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
And my name is Gerard lafont leyder and i am french.
Je n'ai plus rien à dire donc je n'irai plus sur ce site.
"Au revoir"


23.04.2015 6:00

I have no need to take any action of any sort, I seek not to unravel humanity myself, for it is already on this course of action. I seek only to hold what knowledge is most true and to direct others who are intelligently gifted enough to appreciate and understand said information and to pass it on as well. If you seek financial gain, power, or status over others, we have no use for you. You have been intentionally misled, while others with true insight are granted the ability to move forward. Such is what I have learned over the course of the years.


23.04.2015 5:56

We are in the fourth stage, the period of undoing for human-kind. The internet created an epoch of great interconnectedness, but in reaching such a state of collected evolution, the socio-climate as whole must then unravel back into its "childhood" stage. So that it may rebuild again but with an even further advancement of evolution. This cycle of growth and destruction, further growth and destruction happens eternally, growing better each time and then undoing itself. Only those selected few carry the knowledge of each epoch. Secretly protecting the knowledge during the periods of unraveling so that precious information may be passed onto others in the next period. Such is the true nature of the Illuminati. All else is disinformation.


20.04.2015 22:47



20.04.2015 8:28

You will see ...

he who would learn

20.04.2015 8:26

Do not worried about me I know what I do and I know he can not find me so I do not much America.


20.04.2015 8:23

it is the text you put that is crazy.
You're going to have problemmes if found you.­

he who would learn

19.04.2015 9:25

I know what I'm doing
But I do not know what you're doing so I want to know.
Ultimately, I think there is nothing very mad at that.

Number 6

19.04.2015 1:36

'he who would learn' I like your character. I am therefore disappointed at your foolishness. Will talk soon. Be seeing you.

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